The Classic Box
The Classic Box
The Classic Box
The Classic Box
The Classic Box
The Classic Box

The Classic Box

Box of 24
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8 of each flavor.

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By Delaney B. on Jan 20th, 2020

Was looking for a Low carb alternative to Whisps to add some variety to my lunchtime snack. These are great! Filling and flavorful


By Wendy Halonen on Jan 20th, 2020

My husband is a diabetic and has a hard time finding carb friendly snacks. But this is great because it's just beans and great flavor. Taste like a corn nut!

"Great healthy option for diabetics"

By Patti G. on Jan 19th, 2020

Bada beans have been a wonderful option for me when I get "between meal" hungry! As a diabetic who needed to lose a great deal of weight, these high protein - low sugar gems provided the needed nutrition with the benefit of huge flavor and a satisfying crunch! I love all the flavors!


By Lauri R. on Jan 18th, 2020

Love Bada Bean Snacks. My husband and I crave them especially if we run out!


By Julie Yu on Jan 15th, 2020

I just bought this for the first time on Amazon hoping to find a healthy snack to eat during lunch while still being low calorie (therefore low guilt). I was surprised at how tasty it was! Will be a returning customer

"The Disappearing (Healthy) Snack"

By Cynthia H. on Jan 9th, 2020

My family and colleagues (non-vegans) have caused me (vegan) "hide" these or they will disappear. A non-guilty snack that is flavorful, crunchy and full of good stuff preferred by ALL!

"Bada Beans forever!"

By Roy Rodrigues on Jan 6th, 2020

Love these snacks, reasonable fat content, great for my Ornish lifestyle

"Love these!"

By Meghan on Jan 5th, 2020

My new favorite snack. Very tasty and love that they contain fiber and protein.

"Great snack"

By Meg on Jan 4th, 2020

These are a hit with everyone in the family. Love that they are healthier than chips.

"Awesome, healthy snack"

By Bobby R on Jan 3rd, 2020

These beans should be sold in every store. Imagine if everyone could reach for a healthy, seasoned bean that's packed with protein instead of a bag of empty calories (chips). I look forward to ordering more. I liked the Siracha flavor the best and want to try the ranch.

"Love the sriracha!"

By Heather R on Dec 23rd, 2019

Love all the flavors but sriracha is on point!

"Great snack"

By Ted L. on Dec 18th, 2019

This snack is really good and I eat it all the time.

"The Perfect Healthy Satifying Snack"

By Diane Z. on Dec 13th, 2019

First time trying this snack and absolutely love it. I am so happy to add a healthy satisfying snack for myself and my family! Perfect crunch, taste and seasonings!

"Tasty and Just the Right Amount of Crunch!"

By Tina on Nov 15th, 2019

I love all the flavors of these beans and they don't give me digestive problems. I found a higher protein snack that I'll continue using as long as possible. Caution: You'll want to eat more than one bag! And...that's ok because there's a whopping 100 calories in each snack sized bag!

"Love These!"

By Tammy B. on Nov 15th, 2019

I am so glad I found these. I actually eat these for breakfast many days. My co-workers love them, too.

"Really Perfect Vegan Snack"

By Emily L. on Nov 14th, 2019

Jackpot! They are 1) vegan, 2) low calorie, 3) easily transported, 4) surprisingly filling, 5) come in a variety of flavors, and 6) inexpensive. In short, they are the perfect snack to keep at home, work, or school. I have been ordering these for months and keep coming back.

The sriracha has the perfect amount of heat, the bbq has a nice light sweetness, and the sea salt is the best when you just crave something crunchy and salty.

"The best snack!"

By k.b. on Nov 11th, 2019

I love these beans - they are borderline addicting. Thank goodness they come in 100 calories! These are my go to afternoon pick me up + all the flavors are great, but Sweet Sriracha is my favorite :)

"Tremendous !!"

By Tom S. on Nov 4th, 2019

Love the 100 calorie packs - keeps me accountable. The beans are so damn good I don't trust myself with anything Sweet sriracha are my faves, but they're all delicious.

"Great beans"

By Don Martel on Aug 25th, 2019

I have enjoyed bada beans for about 6 months. They are converient to carry and I can leave them in my desk drawer to snack on. They are a great substitute for potato chips and good for you. They are packed with flavor. I prefer the shirachi flavor. . I have bought them direct from the website. Unfortunately I have been finding them less expensive in the local stores. Please readjust your prices so We can get the good guy prices if we buy direct


By M.H. on Jul 25th, 2019

I LOVE these, great nutrition, great taste, very portable. I keep them in my purse, lunch bag, work bag. Healthy and filling! Im sold!

"Beans Behind Bars"

By Julie A. on Jun 2nd, 2019

I first tried the sea salt broad bean snacks 3 years ago when I visited a relative in a Florida prison. They were called Enlightened then and sold in the visitors park snack shop. I was amazed at how delicious and nutritious they are! Since then I've found them at select health food stores but will now subscribe to a delivery service directly from you. I'm pleased with the variety of flavors and don't get tired of them. I like them alone as a snack or on my salad or to replace chips when eating a sandwich. Thank you for this wonderful & delicious product! 😋

"Soon yummy!"

By Happy Snacker! on Mar 15th, 2019

Love it! Healthy, crunchy, high protein, low calorie! and actually taste great!

"A favorite snack"

By Linda Middleton on Mar 3rd, 2019

I love these and I feel like I'm getting a healthy snack when I eat these. I'm sad that I couldn't find them on line at since Costco is where I bought them originally.

"A New Favorite Snack!!"

By Kaci Cheeseman on Mar 1st, 2019

Love the sweet and the savory flavors! Hard to choose a favorite. Can't get enough of these!!

By Debbie B. on Oct 18th, 2018

Just tried the sea salt flavor. Wow. They are awesome and no strange aftertaste like some healthy snacks. These are delicious : ) Can't wait to try the other flavors!