A member of the legume family, broad beans are known around the world by many names, including fava, faba, bell, and field beans. Sweeter and richer in flavor than many other beans, broad beans are also an excellent source of protein, fiber, and zinc. (They’re rich in folate and B vitamins as well!)

After soaking whole broad beans and washing them, the beans are lightly roasted in a high oleic sunflower oil and seasoned to perfection!

Because our bean snacks are roasted using relatively little oil, they’re comparatively very low in fat. (Deep-fried snacks often contain 10g of fat or more per serving!)

However you like! Bada Bean snacks can be enjoyed right out of the bag, tossed in a salad, sprinkled on a soup, or used to top yogurt or oatmeal. Be creative, and let us know on social media how you like to eat them—we’re @badabeansnacks on all platforms!

If the bag has been opened and resealed, the snacks inside should maintain freshness for an additional 5-7 days. (No need to refrigerate!)

In the process of developing our bean snacks, we searched the globe for the highest-quality broad beans. Though broad beans are grown around the world, we found that the best-quality broad beans are grown in their native country of China. Since providing the highest-quality product is always the top priority for us, Bada Bean Bada Boom is produced in a facility that conforms to the highest standards of global food safety and ethics. 

Yes! Check for facilities and curbside programs that accept #5 plastics.


Yes! The recipe for our bean snacks is still the one you know and love. Inside the bag, nothing has changed.

Since the Enlightened brand name is most associated with ice cream, we're shining a spotlight on these plant-based powerhouses by giving them their own brand. We're excited to introduce more people to the amazing flavor and nutrition of our bean snacks with a brand that captures how fun and delicious beans can be.

You may have recently noticed that our packaging has changed to feature a new logo, and with that change has also come some minor recipe changes to achieve even better crispiness. Check out each flavor’s webpage to see the most current nutrition information.

In Stores

Yes! Stores carrying our bean snacks include Albertsons, Kroger, Safeway, and Sprouts. (You can find more listed on the main page of our website.) 

While stores can vary in where they carry our snacks, you can often find Bada Bean Bada Boom near where snacks like roasted nuts and dried fruit are stocked. In other locations, look for Bada Bean Bada Boom in the produce section!

We’d love to help get Bada Bean Bada Boom onto those shelves -- just print out our Request Form and share it with your store manager!

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Dietary / Nutrition

Bada Bean snacks are gluten-free.

Yes! Bada Bean snacks are vegan.

Yes! Bada Bean snacks are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Yes! All Bada Bean snacks are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU).

Bada Bean snacks are soy-free.

Bada Bean snacks are made without any nut ingredients; however, the facility in which they are processed also processes peanuts and tree nuts.

A genetic condition called G6PD Deficiency can result in a reaction to broad beans called favism. (In people with G6PD Deficiency, household items such as aspirin or mothballs can trigger the same reaction. In many U.S. states, you may also have been tested for G6PD Deficiency at birth.) For more information, please see this overview from Johns Hopkins. If you happen to feel unwell after eating broad beans for the first time, please be sure to seek medical assistance.