The Snacker Box
The Snacker Box
The Snacker Box
The Snacker Box
The Snacker Box
The Snacker Box
The Snacker Box
The Snacker Box
The Snacker Box
The Snacker Box

The Snacker Box

Box of 21
- $21.99


3 of each flavor.

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"Best Healthy Snack Ever!"

By Stephanie Gelber on Oct 27th, 2019

We initially discovered Enlightened ice cream bars, which we eat daily and love! We then noticed on the website that you also make Bada Bean Snacks and decided to be try them. OMG - they are also fantastic! We now have both the ice cream bars and bean snacks daily! We are huge fans and are hooked!!!

"Snacking is now guilt free"

By Michelle on Sep 18th, 2019

These have done so much to curb my salty/crunchy cravings. I cannot wait to try these other flavors

"The Best Snack EVER!"

By Haley on May 31st, 2019

Love this pack so much! The little snack packs are the perfect serving and you can choose between salty and sweet (:!! The best of both worlds and perfect macros!! Who would’ve known they have 7 grams of protein :o

"My favorite snack"

By Ashley on May 2nd, 2019

I have been dieting since January 2019 and have lost 26 lbs and I eat a si gel serve bag sometimes two a day! They are a serious part of my diet. Healthy, crunch, and feels like I'm eating chips(that aren't so healthy) I absolutely love these snacls!!!


By Jack on Feb 26th, 2019

Love these snacks! Can't get enough of the Sea Salt flavor

"Awesome snack"

By Cheryl Vargo on Feb 25th, 2019

I purchased the sampler pack and I absolutely love them. I am also on weight watchers and these are a "plan friendly" snack. I love the single serve bags because they are already portioned out and you get the satisfied feeling that you're eating the whole bag and there's not counting or measuring like I would have to do with a larger bag. I will be a regular purchaser.

"Canadian’s love these bean snacks!"

By Canadian Girl on Jan 31st, 2019

Started moving towards a high protein diet and found these delicious crunchy babies! So yummy and satisfying. But can I order directly to Canada? Also wondering if you can make a maple syrup flavour 😋


By Susanne Schmitz on Dec 29th, 2018

I love these beans. I'm going to weight watcher and found these at a large discount store. (They have discontinued them and I don't know where to by them in my area) They are 2 points for a 1 ounce pack. They are my go to snack. When I'm out and about I can pull a pack out of my purse and it satisfies me so I'm not as tempted to binge on junk food.

By Pamela M. on Oct 27th, 2018

Salty, crunchy, packed with nutrition, easy to keep with me, encourages me to drink water with my snack and tastes great. What more could I want? I'm betting they will make great "croutons" for my salads too. Just got my first box from Costco. I'm sure I will be finding all sorts of places to add these "legal treats" to our meal plans. Please hurry up and replenish you stock I can't wait, literally!!!