Sweet Sriracha
Sweet Sriracha
Sweet Sriracha
Sweet Sriracha

Sweet Sriracha

Box of 6
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"Bomb snack!!"

By Miss Mary on Jan 13th, 2020

I found at Aldi and am hooked. My bag was 4.5 oz but I don't see those here? Sweet Sriracha XOXOX

"Great snack"

By Gail on Jan 5th, 2020

So happy I found these. I buy the multi packs online and always keep a couple in my purse - every flavor is great and the nutrition facts can't be beat. Even my husband likes them! (I don't tell him how healthy they are :) )

"Love, but unavailable"

By Margee on Oct 8th, 2019

I fell in love when Costco carried these, but then they stopped. Then my local grocery store started, and also stopped. It’s probably the only healthy snack I like...especially the Sweet Sriracha.

"Satisfies the need"

By Kristie W on Aug 20th, 2019

Finally a healthier choice snack that my husband actually enjoys and chooses - he loves the wasabi & siracha.


By Fred on Aug 14th, 2019

Please do not take the sweetness away, they are wonderful just the way they are.

"Room for improvement"

By Rush on Jul 25th, 2019

These are tasty but wish it were just sriracha and not sweet sriracha. Eliminate the added sugar and 5 stars easily.

"Great tasty hearty"

By Mike brown on Apr 18th, 2019

Love them! Why doesn't Safeway carry!